The editor of an Iraqi newspaper demanding political owner financial entitlements and resort to the courts

Twilight News / student observatory Iraqi press freedoms on Friday, the owner of the local Mashreq newspaper which is published in Baghdad to pay the consequences for fellow financial dues Hamid Abdullah, who served as editor of the newspaper, the writer of the story the news over the past years and who resigned on March 14 of this year.

He called on the observatory said in a statement, colleague Hamid Abdullah to pursue legal avenues in an attempt to obtain his rights from the owner of a private newspaper that the Iraqi judiciary justice to journalists on many previous occasions.

Observatory said Hamid Abdullah, who works as a provider of well-known television programs and a university professor and a professional writer and chief editor of newspapers several said the Iraqi Observatory of press freedoms, he lifted a lawsuit before the Court of First Instance Karrada for financial dues, and that the court will consider the case early next week, and he hopes to Iraqi judiciary to compel the owner of the Orient newspaper Mr. Mohammed Abdul Karim Kasnazani repayment Mapzmh the newspaper to him about his work during the last period.

Iraqi Observatory press freedoms calls for journalists' colleagues who have their financial dues to press their institutions resorting to the Iraqi judiciary, which has proved during the last stage of high credibility in dealing with the issues of the journalists did not bow to pressure.