Iraq sits on top of specific countries to strangers

the International Foundation tender put poor Burma in the top of the list of countries the given to the needy, while Iraq sat on top of the countries that had strangers with a list of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.It seems that the people of Burma are the most tender for the needy and the destitute, while it seems that the people of Iraq are the most help to strangers, and a detailed report of the International Cares detection, dashing so possibilities seen by many people associated with the most affluent and less affluent countries, according to the British site "Daily Mail Online," published the report on the seventeenth of August / August 2016.The list of countries led by Field in the tender served with the United States second place, followed by Canada, New Zealand and Australia, for Britain Vsralanka The Netherlands.Group of Twenty nations may be the richest in the world, but Burma in tender Bzat track all the numbers and projections. People in the impoverished Asian country also known as Myanmar, more tender than others to the needy. As they are making a lot of time to help them. This is despite the fact that this country remained 50 years under the military authority.It estimated the number of the international organization's report donors across the world each year by about 1.4 billion people, with a donation Nearly one billion people to devote their time to do good and help the needy, while Baader 2.2 billion people across the world to help strangers.Iraq and received the honor of the center as the most help to strangers country despite wars, violence and unrest-torn country for nearly 13 years. There is no small coincidence that Liberia, torn by civil war, came in second only to Iraq in the field of helping strangers, and report statistics showed that 78 per cent of people have actually had the help of strangers.Statistical conducted on 1000 people over the age of 15 years and were distributed across the 145 countries and asked if they had donated money, or give their time to help the needy, or helped a stranger in the last month. The report revealed that the men had applied for the first time since 2008, statistics on women in the tender funds.The big surprise came when the solution to Iraq rather than the United States in the released list of welcoming strangers and help them to states. Site, "the website of the New," commented on this by saying: "It is surprising that the Iraqis continue to show their generosity despite ongoing security tensions."On the other hand considered less Burundi country helping strangers, followed by China from the bottom in the second place from the bottom of the list.Does the generosity of biological reasons?And trying to study published by Oxford University that the attributes of generosity to the biological components related to a specific position in the brain, with repeats sociologists that generosity is utilitarian behavior, when does one Btanase interests and help someone else it really is expected in the subconscious area to return him this personally benefit, and so you go to most religions dedicated to the concept of charity reward for good.Scientifically, the scientists intended to find the behavior of the generosity and friendliness of the center in the brain, trying to cross it to reach a biological explanation for the phenomenon of humanitarian difficult to prove physiology. He said a report published on the "g or any Science" study published by Oxford University indicating that Dr. Patricia Lockwood, who led the research at the university, has pointed out that "what is currently known about the cause of helping people to others without charge very little." Dr. Lockwood and her team have found that giving and generous behavior can learn donor tender as the recipient may not learn to give. The team then come to define a particular spot in the brain can explain this behavior.This spot called the designation "frontal cortex in the cingulate gyrus," which is only active in the brain, while others help you. But striking that this region variously activated when people differ from one person to another. The link between people's behavior and feelings between the mysterious and complicated here.But the study eventually could help in understanding people's feelings and behavior of the catalyst generosity and generosity and the spirit of helping others, may also guide us on how to direct others and push them to help others generously