Iraq and Iran agree to joint border protection and stand in Saba

2016-08-18 at 19:40

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Air France said the agreement with Iraq, to form a Joint Security Committee to monitor the border between the two countries, at a time when reiterated that Russia used Hamedan airport for air fighters strikes toward Syria and across Iraq, is part of the cooperation in "terrorism."

He said the Iranian armed forces Chief of staff, Mohammad Bagheri, Thursday, after meeting with Iraq's national security adviser, Faleh Al-Fayad, "the two sides agreed to form a Joint Security Committee to monitor the border between the two countries, stressing the readiness of the Iranian armed forces to support Iraq in the face of common threats, and stand up to the terrorists," he said, adding that the composition of the Committee is in the interest of security and stability in the region and protected from strong regional and international conspiracies. "

He praised Bagheri, "Mehr", popular crowd role in Iraq, hoping to "liberate Mosul soon."

Bagheri said "the armed forces, border defense cooperation with types لشتی ready الجیش العراقی and State Khalq", hailing "the victories achieved by the popular crowd and Iraqi الجیش in الارهابیه groups from other cities of Fallujah and the rest of the مدینه."

With the Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council, Ali shamkhani, Fayad, his persistence in providing cooperation to Iraq, until total elimination of sedition in the region. " He called "the need to accelerate the revitalization of the Joint Coordinating Committee of the application of the Treaty the border between Iran and Iraq", adding that "activate this Committee and resolve outstanding issues would play an influential role in the economic prosperity in the border areas between the two countries."

Fayyad said that "Iraq is sensitive about practices that violate security and negative interventions by some States and embassies (referring, perhaps, to Saudi Arabia), respond resolutely to any attempts to destabilize or divide Iraq." He pointed out that "Iraq is linked with Iran واخویه ودیه relations," مشیدا الایجابي Islamic للجمهوریه cooperation with Iraq in the face of terrorism الماضیه years, supporting stability and security. "

And Fayad, a moderator on the proxies "crowd" to a 10-day visit to Tehran, Iranian officials meet to discuss military cooperation almstrk.