Narrator: Daesh Anbar has become one of the past and their effects Snmho

2016/8/18 16:44


The governor of Anbar Suhaib al-Rawi said "Daesh gangs has become one of the past and the future of Anbar will erase the tragedy caused by terrorism."

He said the governor in a press statement seen by all of Iraq [where] on Thursday that "al-Rawi said after returning from the United States, for the completion of the final stages of an agreement with a consortium of international companies from Korea and the United States to build a modern, commercial city in terms of Habbaniyah investment in a way," he at the same time to "redouble efforts to restore stability and the reconstruction of liberated areas, and organize the voluntary return of displaced people to their areas pan, and provide all the services to them."

And went governor of Anbar province, our sincere appreciation for all the efforts that have contributed in the liberation of the province, and provide corridors and safe havens for the displaced, actors and the efforts of the central government and the province teams, volunteers and tribal community events, in restoring stability and services.

He stressed "the importance of continuing domestic and international action in coordination with the central government, the security file and displaced persons and restore stability, and to overcome all the difficulties in front of the return of civilian life of the province, and to ensure its security and economic prosperity."