Interior announces version 316 a national card in Iraq even now.

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 11:59:34

Baghdad-news today

The Interior Ministry announced, Thursday, issuing 316 a national card in all services that have been opened in the country, with a directive to stay away from red tape and simplify procedures for citizens.

He said official Brigadier Saad talk with us in the interview today, news agency that "national card services of the Ministry of the Interior has issued so far 316 a national card in all services that have been opened in most regions of Iraq."

He added, "meaning these circles are continuing their own transactions with citizens in the morning and evening," Noting "there" guidance for staff in those circles away from routine and simplify procedures for granting the card to citizens. "

The General Directorate for nationality was confirmed earlier that the draft standard card includes citizens from 12 years old and up, as there was a seamless mechanism for the citizen by booking online.

Official estimates indicate that the financial cost of this project, who believes the four official cards for shorthand Iraqi individual single card, will increase from $ 400 million, but it will reduce more than 30 million cards, record, and convert them to digital information using modern systems.