Integrity issued a statement on its position on the inclusion of crimes of corruption by the provisions of the amnesty law

Thursday, 18 August 2016 14:27

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Issued Integrity Commission, on Thursday, a statement on its position on the inclusion of crimes of corruption by the provisions of the amnesty law, and in believing that this is a waste of efforts in the fight against corruption, considered that the inclusion of these crimes law will generate the audacity to repeat the corrupt overtaking on public money.

The authority said in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of it, that "the inclusion of some or most of the corruption crimes amnesty law is a waste of effort painstaking and persistent efforts by the national regulatory agencies in the fight against corruption, and perhaps lead to get the despair and frustration among the relevant field of the fight against corruption, given because the issues that they have made the strenuous efforts and for several years has been the release of the perpetrators. "

She added that "the inclusion of these crimes amnesty law will generate the audacity with corrupt repeat overtaking on public funds and committing corruption crimes because they knew there was a continuing intentions lead to a buyout, an amnesty law," pointing out that "the amnesty laws are based on the legislative philosophy stems from the public interest conditions of the community, and here we do not find any wisdom or philosophy justify intercalation of corruption crimes in the amnesty law in the current circumstances, since the situation is going through Iraqi society and needs calls for the fight against corruption as a priority for the community, and the release of some or most of the perpetrators of crimes of corruption will serve as a fatal blow to the aspirations of society and wasted each claim to fight corruption votes. "

She explained that "what is stated in certain paragraphs of the draft general amnesty law for the inclusion of crimes of corruption by its provisions with the exception of crimes of embezzlement and theft of state is included trials funds pardon only after the recovery of public money, could be discussed that the law has been included in the proposed amendment to this paragraph, all crimes of corruption amnesty was not required recover public money, the only condition to recover public money in those crimes on the one hand, and on the other hand, the idea of ​​recovery of public money can be discussed through the need to search in the new legal mechanisms to ensure the recovery of public money from convicted of corruption crimes without resorting to a general amnesty. "

The agency said that "all countries in the world that have passed similar circumstances to envelop Iraq quo growing phenomenon of corruption has taken strict measures against this phenomenon represented inflicting maximum penalties against perpetrators of corruption and its emphasis crimes until you reach in the laws of some countries to the death penalty, and not resort to issuing an amnesty for the perpetrators of these crimes. "

The Commission noted that "on the basis of this justification, legal and social causes, the body was and as it comes out rejects the idea of ​​the inclusion of crimes of corruption amnesty law," asserting that "the final say in that it is up to the distinguished Council of Representatives."

She warned the MP for the coalition of state law in Firdous al-Awadi, (17 August 2016), it is an attempt to "reward terrorists" convicted by a draft of the amnesty law, stressing the need to address the national forces for it.

It referred to the House Speaker Salim al-detection, in (15 August 2016), for "agreement" for a general amnesty law, while noting that the law will be printed in its current form as a prelude to a vote.