Parliamentary oil: a freeze on oil exports from Iraq's interest

2016-08-18 14:35:40

Baghdad Habib Marwan.

Oil and energy, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on "Zaheer Abadi" wedged sky AFP Agency today, that news trading and talking about cons hit the Iraqi economy in case of adoption of the OPEC freeze, is inaccurate.

Abadi explained, to impose a freeze on increases in oil exports, adopting current quantities, will lead to an increase in prices, giving Iraq an advantage in terms of preserving oil coffers and receiving a proper financial return for the sale of quantities which, at the time that it will maintain productive assets are ready to use and increase exports at a time of crisis.

He also referred to the fact that the resolution, if adopted, a chance for Iraq to encircle the fiscal austerity now, stressing that voting yes on the freeze will come from Iraq only to other Member States decided to adopt it as well.