Heavy engineering equipment completed a number of projects for the oil sector and Government sectors

2016/8/18 12:13

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} heavy engineering equipment company completed a number of projects and contracts for oil sector and other sectors including manufacture number/oxidation Tower 3 and thermal Exchange and special vessel plunger up sulfuric acid to refineries.

The Director of the company in a statement on Myanmar Agency to the Ministry of oil received {Euphrates news} CC "company manufactures fuel tanks 305 {M3} for oil products distribution company and manufacturing thermal and swap back cover convex endings for North gas company and manufacture circuit breaker thermal exchange for Indochine.

He added that the company also manufactures thermal and swap completed pipelines for petroleum Training Institute and manufacture of steam air heater number two for the General Directorate of electrical power production.

"The General Manager of the company that the company has fifteen manufacturing achievement thermal swap manufacture and erect two 800 {M3} your fat substance and sulphur acid tank capacity 115 {M3} for mid and manufacture refineries company high pressure air tanks for gas filling company and manufacture accessories for Tower systems with dia/10000 inch lengths, and manufacture of heat exchange for Central and refineries company manufacture and erect the tanks up to 150000 {M3} and distillation towers, manufacture and maintenance of boilers and heat exchangers and insulators and manufacture bridge reaches iron structures, pressure equipment and filters Reactors and mixers and gates of dams and irrigation canals and boats. "

He noted that "one engineering company oil sector companies which manufacture tanks, machinery and equipment that go into the oil industry and elsewhere.