The Government of technocrats jump on electoral benefit Allawi. And it won't pass us brandish Badr

2016-08-17 at 23:53

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After days of passing a list of Ministers who rebuilt their Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi his booth, begs the question, are they truly independent, why nominated by political forces and did it by choice, what opens the door to the credibility of the Turkmen candidates depend Abadi leaks to carry the suitcase trade, anyone with a candidate for the Ministry of industry, while others are under negotiation with the Badr organization on its candidate for the inner bag.


This reveals a tendency to choose Ministers according to this mechanism, circumvent obvious political and electoral benefit, what makes, for example, national coalition, claiming Allawi absent from this candidate and Cosmin themes that Abdul Karim was Trade Minister before chasing the judiciary pending corruption charges and never confirmed nor resolved throughout the year, with the Parliament Speaker accusing closure took 40 minutes.

Brags the Islamic High Council nominated two first oil technocrats Jabbar is my fault and the second is transport Kazim Cup, (that's a tacit admission that its filters Abadi did not choose).

While the party nominated Abadi Suite Asadi to bag the trade and did not receive the blessing of Parliament which pushed President call block behind Abdul Samad to enter into a debate with Parliament with the Prime Minister to try to vote again but also failed to get the backing of Parliament.


According to the leaks, the Ministry of industry will, according to this mechanism to filter from Diwaniya, while Prime Minister nomination turhan Mufti (Sunni Turkmen) to bag him after the trade by Turkmen deputies in Parliament who accused the Prime Minister of not fulfilling disavowed concurred with them. "

Bader: not overly suffrages benefit

Badr organization spokesman and leadership in cream Nouri stressed that "the Ministry of the Interior of an electoral quota no benefit and that is the essence of a democratic system and won't compromise otherwise meaningless elections at all should not be approval.

Question if the nomination political technocrats, what happened, and what Iraq right Gabe weaaetl in Iyad Allawi's political maturity was a bag?

And about this leading national coalition said Allawi victory/Dr news balances either Allawi, starting before the Vice President required to receive national reconciliation file, while procrastination move this file from State parties submitted his resignation but parties in the Government, including the same day Abadi regrets decisions asked delay to resign and then returned to the Vice President's dismissal is considered repair.

Demanding national merit

She asked, "what real reform of the Department is that period length Abadi reproduce principle of quotas, while neglecting the National Coalition's electoral benefit but even cause the Commerce Minister Mr Abdul Karim themes that are targeting a politician than being potentially file handling holds suspicions of corruption".

"The question here. How do you accommodate that Trade Minister accused investigation file corruption is not closed and has not finished its investigation throughout the whole year while Parliament Speaker Salim Al-Juburi file close within 40 minutes.

Academic researcher Dr Lance Azzawi "reveals the incident questioned Defense Minister. Abadi announced entering into negotiations with the national coalition to nominate blocks of vacant portfolios both by entitlement. During the interaction of interrogating Al-Obeidi announced Abadi negotiations and stop following his dispute with mass internal bag around full moon. After questioning presented candidates mostly Ibadi political choices, even if you don't belong to these blocks or were not involved with their lists in the election. Any independent technocrats talking about Prime Abadi ".

But scholar Abu Firas al-Hamdani believes that "new Ministers representing a step in the right direction, nominated by the Board or call didn't come from a desire to balasalahabl the result of popular protests and claims.

Hamdani reflects his belief that "the Iraqi Street grabbed the important ministries of the parties, but these positions a Holocaust for the remainder of the academic fair names because of the size of responsibility because they will receive the ministries was honeycombed with partisan corruption mafiosi, but I think that this step represents the beginning of true reform so should support these names of reference, it must be supported by an elite Street wemtzahrih to arm them and strengthen their confidence in their potential even complete their tasks.

However, Hamdani returned to the same question "are these academic figures out mantle some also invited Parties will make them indebted to these parties and would continue working under its supervision."

Researcher says Naseer rivulet that "no one believes that the Director of Iraq's oil company, the oil Minister, Adviser to President of the University and culturally independent people, not subject to quotas, and came to positions they technocrats, would be wrong."

"Who is responsible for the devastation of the oil Ministry and dragging over the years to come the Prime bmsho'ol was the Centre in the Ministry over the past 20 years."

Wise: we introduced the technocrats

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar Hakim today to choose Ministers and ministerial lineup completed a new experience in our system is to choose according to the artistic vision of the candidates ' past to say "when we felt the need for change in our way of thinking that the most important personality to resign and insisted upon and we have provided independent technocrats figures obtained national consensus and they represent Basra, blessed the people of Basra to be faithful to them and we promised them so check out our promise."

"We hope that the Ministerial lineup Government especially the Ministry of the Interior and that stay open case" but he never talks about a similar electoral benefit in relation to the Commerce Department, "we had no candidate qualified to offer mass Bader because entitlement will give an important impetus to electoral security file."

At a time when Chief called the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, during Prime Minister Haider Abadi, an end to the phenomenon of State administration agency.
However, the head of the Government Press Office confirmed the latter having senior management commissioned the Agency to fill vacancies and not to keep things hanging and captive tugging among parliamentary blocs.
The House has already rejected two lists of Ministers within the Ministerial lineup promised Haider Abadi, but have been hampered by the absence of consensus between political forces.

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