Service campaign for clothing the main ways in Wasit

2016/8/18 13:36

[Where - Baghdad]

Carried out the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Public municipalities, on Thursday, a major service campaign to clothing the main roads in the hand, Sheikh Saad in the province of Wasit by the cadres working in the Directorate General of Municipalities one of the formations ministry.

And between the media center of the ministry in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "service campaign included paving and rehabilitation of a number of roads located in the right side of the hand, where the clothing forward Street Jawad [p] Street Ghadir in the heritage district with a total length area 1050 m, at a cost of 17 million dinars. "

He pointed out that "these streets is one of the main streets and vitality of the entrance to the city on the one hand and the hand of Wasit Dujaili"

The Department of Municipalities continues to cultivate and organize gardens and parks campaigns in order to increase green areas and upgrading the level of services in the city.