Minister of reconstruction that wholesome Osei receive functions formally at the Ministry.

2016/8/17 19:08

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} received the NAFI Osei, her duties as Minister of construction and housing and public municipalities officially in the presence of agents, Deputy Inspector General of Ministry directors where portfolio received by Hassan Rashed Minister of construction agency.

According to a statement of the Ministry of construction said {Euphrates news} that she "held a press conference at the headquarters of the Ministry which confirmed that priority in the next phase would be a reconstruction of the liberated areas at the hands of the security forces and the crowd, as well as support for investment and attracting foreign companies discreet in the process of developing infrastructure and providing services to our distinguished citizens across provinces, indicating that it would seek with Angel and advanced members of the Ministry to work as a team and advance the work of the Ministry.

The statement added that "an extended meeting was held in the presence of Messrs Ministry profiles directors agents listened to about jurisdiction and the work of the Ministry and its companies and what she advanced him achievements across the provinces in the past period.