Ammar al-Hakim calls for revision of laws that contradict each other and end positions the agency administered {Extender}

2016/8/17 18:23

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} called the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim to review laws that contradict each other and end the Agency managed positions.

Ammar al-Hakim said during the Cultural Forum held in his Office in Baghdad and was attended by correspondent {Euphrates news} Wednesday chose Ministers and work on completing Alka Ministerial soft is a new experience for us since the beginning of the political process in Iraq in 2003. Artistic representation of political forces in the Government. This experience is now but who recognizes the responsibility and they have to demonstrate to the Iraqis and for us that our choice was correct. Our project of nation-building is a strategic project and my destiny and will not do anything and Rod, supports our project and brings us closer to building a modern State just dreamed that turn into reality for our children. "

Revered stream leader pointed out that "no articulated in the moment when we need to change the way of thinking in the State administration we didn't hesitate to deliver ministerial positions which were managed by important political leaders in our current independent personalities but belong to Iraq that represents the largest and most important affiliations. And as we have maintained our maintained by resignations and offered an alternative to everyone and won the confidence vote in the House of representatives. And we have to be Visual characters because the two ministries, namely oil and transport have a great relationship with the giver of Basra. And blessed the people of Basra distinguishes several Ministers responded from Basra to a sensitive and vital sites in the State administration in a unique phenomenon and us all proud that bled this Gospel to the people of Basra, be cause. we promised and fulfilled. We wish to be always who says he travels to himself before God and the people. "

"Today we apply new management experience we will all succeed and develop. And starting to purge our institutions of routine and dependency and nepotism. We were clear in our attitudes. And we didn't talk much reform, but we practically and survived and endured our responsibilities and our Government, despite our reservations on some of their positions and slow procedures. But the Government encouraged us to deserve to be encouraged and supported at crucial junctures and at the same time our patience and our performance in attitudes reluctant. "

Ammar al-Hakim, he said, "we believe in partnership and team spirit and right is right, whatever the obstacles and challenges and whatever level of confusion and misinformation. We wish the new Ministers all culture and success. We wish the Government to complete its remaining ministries Works Agency administered chiefly Interior Ministry because of their great influence in managing the security effort and we're in a fateful battle with terrorism. Here we emphasize our ltsnm the Ministry of the Interior for an efficient characters of BADR organization brothers where they qualify manifesto. This will enhance the power and effectiveness of Government and gives it momentum that you need for the next stage.

In the axis Agency managed sites and special grades of Ammar al-Hakim said that "the subject of critical level, it represents the cornerstone of the reform project. You can't imagine the success of any nation and sensitive positions administered outside the laws ", stating that" the value of characters that occupy their own Government websites springing from their legitimacy derived from the people through their representatives in the House of representatives as Prime Minister. Therefore, all of the Agency's location is out of constitutional legitimacy because he didn't get the popular mandate by Parliament.

The Agency's system setting for a specific period and for special cases in order not to stop, but that becomes policy pursues and governance of it suggests that the reform project promoted by the Government is not seriously enough.

He noted that he "may have had it more than once and we will continue to remind him, even if the Government continued to ignore because we had stance upon which future decisions, we cannot be excused before God and the people we never condone legal and legislative responsibilities. It was agreed to announce the big meal filled sites of public opinion and pave the way for all Iraqi energies so that everyone sees the same efficiency and provide the conditions required to run for these sites and that there is justice and responsibility and this is the only way to build a real state institutions. The brothers have told us in the Cabinet they're in the final stages of preparation of the programme will be launched soon. To change other Cabinet of technocrats is not something to address the phenomenon of special grades of staff recruited by the Agency not originality. The next step should be ending this phenomenon in the Iraqi State. "

And in another axis between Mr Ammar al-Hakim "we live a strange paradox, while our youth and youth more than 60% of the total advanced sites, however, people in the State are far from youth representation par excellence. Therefore we must take the necessary measures to enable young people in the management of State institutions by the appreciation and respect of the angels advanced ages and early retirement programme, except in some vital quality joints that require keeping bemlakatha developed for the urgent need for their expertise and competence, and push the angels to leadership positions. "

"The modern management methods and use of technology and the possibilities of communication and social interaction all offer quick and effective experience and practical interaction for young people at different levels. The reform and restructuring of the State and integrated process do part and neglecting the other parts. What is the experience of the political state of technocrats and cleared the phenomenon of proxy sites and institutional renewal to young leaders and adopt a clear strategy in the fight against corruption and SAG completed episodes of institution-building and restoring vitality and productivity of the joints in the flaccid state.

Asked about the election and return the soul to the political process drew Ammar Hakim said "the elections represent the spirit of the political process and the democratic heart pulsating and we have to work hard to make the election valid and effective manner to give the desired results. We believe that combining parliamentary and provincial councils will bring a lot of development and progress for the political process and produce a political generation empowered youth capable of restoring confidence and move forward and provide services needed by the people. We therefore have a lower age to 25 years instead of 30 years. We believe that the age of maturity has what it takes to stand and legislative and regulatory duty. Ironically, Iraqi laws. "

The law allows the parties of 25-year-old was founded the party but election law prevents the 25-year-old was from running for election! This is proof that we urgently need to review a lot of laws that contradict each other. "

"Combining parliamentary and provincial councils would save a lot of financial expenditure either to the State or to the candidates and will contribute to alleviate the political tensions caused by the electoral competition between candidates and lists also contributes to integrate the electoral session of Parliament with the election cycle for provincial councils which facilitates interaction of candidates in both houses.

Ammar al-Hakim renewed call for all citizens to speed up voter registration update and an investment opportunity offered by the independent High Electoral Commission to register email {albiomtri} which is an essential factor in ensuring participation in the elections and fair ", adding that" electoral participation will lead to the renewal of our people aspire to.