{Front fillet} demanding the Presidency to accelerate ratification of the law banning the Baath party

2016/8/17 16:12

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} fayli front student, Maher Faili, the Presidency of the Republic to accelerate ratification of the law banning the Baath party.

Faili said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today "because the distinguished Iraqi Council legislation banning the Baath parties and entities and terrorist and racist activities and satisfaction at the usual {7} held on 30/7/2016, demand the President as head of State and a symbol of national unity and sovereignty of the country, to accelerate the passage of a law banning the Baath parties and entities and terrorist and racist activities and satisfaction and version and send it to the Official Gazette of the Republic of Iraq" facts ", based on the provisions of item {III} article {73} Of the Constitution which reads {befriends President and promulgates laws enacted by the House of representatives and is validated after fifteen days from the date of acquisition}, we call the Justice Department quickly publish the law in the US once received from the Presidency. "

"Our result of the myriad sons Faili component mechanism of slander and insults, humiliation and disdain and outright fabrications and accusations of abuse disabilities heroine and unjust foreign dependency participle, Safavid and Persian and buyid Magi and compromising human dignity by some officials and citizens, while reviewing the State departments to restore usurped rights under new Iraq WAFor inherited from the repressive Baathist regime of Sadam and rooted in vulnerable souls throughout the years since the fall of the buried Idol {13} don't deliver this profanity, behaviors and attitudes and phrases and words of prey and degrading treatment outside the bounds of morality and taste and decency and morals, published and promoted through the media waltvkhr and public incitement on sectarian and ethnic cleansing and systematic racial discrimination method and the call to prevent the return to their country and expelled Iraq suspect again and glorify the tyrant the Faili component of murder, extermination and displace and overthrow And seizure, where did these behaviors and practices and abuses to the penalty of accounting and accountability and punishment and arguing that existing laws do not cover this shameful and criminal acts of hate hate cases vengeance. "

"We must therefore act immediately after its publication in the Official Gazette in order to inflict retribution to each offender committed such acts and to be an example and regardless of his position and his degree and prestige and credibility to his persistence and coldly in robbing his Faili component prescribed legally mechanism and put obstacles and constraints for reasons of ethnic, religious, national, ethnic and without prejudice to the penalties and other sanctions, including insulation and penalty dismissal and denial of privileges and pension rights if convicted State officials according to the In the law outlawing the Baath party. "

"From our side the filet front will start to take all legal and judicial procedures and human rights and justice and trigger files, issues and audit certificates and statements and summon and hear witnesses and establish facts, events, documenting violations and grave breaches and walvdaea write and publish national and international reports and transmitted to the United Nations and human rights organizations, to collect and provide evidence and documents marked fundamentalistMai in cooperation with the competent authorities once the legal protection provided by the law and, in addition to the deterrent force application homicide criminal provisions contained in the Penal Code number {111}, 1969 and the legislation both took advantage of his job at stop and disable execute orders from the Government and the provisions of laws and regulations and refrain from unlawfully on the implementation of the decisions of the courts and the competent bodies and gross negligence of job duties and damage public interests of citizens and deliberately intended to abuse and insults and threats to commit walvzev and published in the media, In order to maintain the dignity of the Faili component as an essential and integral part of the components of the Iraqi people set forth in the preamble to the Constitution ".