A proposal to adopt a system of «Venture Capital»

8/17/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Mostafa Hashemi

calls Economists from time to time, through the ideas and proposals, to invest the money and using them in projects that support the economy and keep pace with the global development of distasteful regimes innovative financing contributes to the activation of the knowledge economy investments which would reduce the rate of unemployment and the provision of labor to sustain the momentum of existing projects or newly construction and facing difficulty for the owners the necessary funding to sustain it .

In this regard , the economic academic Dr. Essam Mahouelle confirmed the applicability of financing »venture capital system« by private banks , medium and small enterprises run by young people as contributing to the revitalization of the economy in general.

Successful projects and means «venture capital» as a funding system that promotes successful projects characterized by high seriousness because of low owners experience «so - called this type of financing as dangerous or bold» according Mahouelle. economic academic called in an interview for »morning» to develop special strategy for the application of this system to being a doubles Activity general economic situation, a proposal to accelerate to proceed implemented after the owners of these projects provides insurance cash must be low with a reasonable and appropriate safeguards as well as subjected to surveillance patrol by the financiers to make sure that the development projects and continuing to work.

success of financing Mahouelle Iraq and stressed need to (venture capital) to diversify the overall economic activity of the country, it represents the most prominent means of the success of the necessary funding for small and medium enterprises which are the basis of economic development.

and that firing system (venture capital) in conjunction with the Central Bank 's initiative to finance small and medium enterprises would double the operation of labor and reduce the unemployment rate to a large extent, as well as a great contribution to the recycling productive sectors experiencing a stop almost completely years ago.

investment support and pointed out that the support of investments (venture capital) pushes the economy to the breadth and diversity, and contribute to creating and providing job opportunities focused on providing support to small and medium enterprises, including raising the contribution to gross domestic product.

in the opinion of experts and specialists need to take private banks role in the sustainable development process, as well as its role in achieving social benefits to the public and address the problem of the need to promote development in the light of the absolute limitation of credit granted to borrowers amounting to 11 percent to the gross domestic product of 5 percent , and argued the importance of increasing the achievement of financial growth and the development of economic technologies and treatment of bad debts and ensuring the rights of depositors in order to ensure the effectiveness of the contribution of banks in the gross domestic product .

calculated risk and draw Mahouelle to that of the funding seeks certainly to profitability through a calculated risk, which will help in the continuation of projects existing or under construction facing funding from banks demanding in turn provide sufficient guarantees that sees entrepreneurs difficulty presented at present difficulties.

Mahouelle said the investments (Venture capital) supports new creative projects, and opens the door to enter the field of investment in knowledge and techniques economy and software applications , in particular in line technical revolution taking place in Iraq and the world alike.