Al-Zubaidi: coming days will witness a sophisticated performance of international coalition in Nineveh, Anbar

8/17/2016 13:29

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} lead opinion in the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Baqir al-Zubaidi, said "the coming days will see a sophisticated performance of international coalition in Nineveh and Anbar."

Zubeidi asked in his profile on the social networking site {Facebook} did you succeed in singling out Russia and success on the Syrian file through bilateral agreements and Turkish and Iranian? does this agreement will be reflected positively on the Iraqi scene? ".
"The Iraqi issue would America in Nineveh and build bases in Iraq can be permanent!".

"I think that Russian agreement broader Iranian military and comprehensive use of Hamedan airports of Syrian geography", noting that "the coming days will witness an evolution in performance of the international coalition in Iraq and specifically in Nineveh and the remainder of the occupied areas in Anbar."

The Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday that the squirting of Su-34 "implementing air strikes against sites to organize" Islamic State "terrorist in Deir ez-Zor governorate, departing from the airport in Hamedan Iran" ".

The Russian air force had launched air strikes Tuesday, using his throwing on sites of terrorist organizations in Syria, after takeoff from Hamedan Iran Air Base.

National Security Council Chief Ali shamkhani said his country will open its installations to Russia to fight terrorism in Syria.