Parliamentary legal reaffirms resolve disputes about the amnesty law and vote next Tuesday.

8/17/2016 13:03

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} proper parliamentary legal Committee Member said Shawqi, Wednesday, the consent of all members of the House of representatives to vote on the amnesty law next Tuesday as a deadline for a vote on the law.

The Agency said Shawki {Euphrates news} today, "all disputes about the amnesty law had been settled, not only left the eighth item developed in law and containing the {who allegedly subjected to torture or another defendant's confession or moved by a secret informant advocacy of his right to demand a retrial}".

"The National Alliance stressed that there be controls to this item, which form the Central Committee in Baghdad and subcommittees shall intensify the investigation and court any sense that the judiciary will decide retrials".

"The deputies demanded to give time to study the revised version to next Tuesday to vote on it," stressing "no disagreements on the law but Tuesday deadline to vote on those paragraphs.

The House of representatives voted during the regular meeting held last Monday, some paragraphs of the draft amnesty law and postponed the rest of its ending, until next week.