Oil Minister: we will work on joint oil fields with neighboring countries


The new oil Minister Jabbar allaibi, Tuesday, working on oil fields shared with neighboring countries, and increase the volume of cooperation and common interests.

The oil Ministry said in a statement, underground News Agency received a copy of it today, "Jabbar oil Minister allaibi Ministry headquarters Tuesday, meeting with his Secretaries and Inspector General Directors, stressing the need to work as a team in order to maintain and develop the oil wealth, as well as sustain oil production and investment optimization for gas."

The oil Minister said during the meeting that "he has a lot of plans, ideas and the ambitious programmes which raise working efficiency and scalability as well as finding more financial revenue to support the federal Treasury through Ascension oil and gas industry, particularly oil products that have direct contact with the services provided to citizens, as well as improved performance in processing plants fuel citizens reflecting the image of the country."

He stressed "the need to work day and night in order to increase national production of oil and gas, which in turn leads to increased export capacities for oil and gas as well as the needs of electric power stations of fuel", noting that "we aspire to higher levels of oil and gas reserves and strengthened with additional amounts through activation of exploratory and investment activity of unfixed reserves and undiscovered and support for the great national effort."

The oil Minister stressed that "has a lot of files and other issues of concern, including work on oil fields shared with neighboring countries and ensure the promotion and strengthening the relationship with her, and to increase the volume of cooperation and advance common interests, as well as sound policy and will work to balance the Organization of petroleum exporting countries is seeking to promote doralarak in my organisation" OPEC and OAPEC.