Liberal bloc reveal its conditions to attend the parliamentary sessions

Treasures Media -cd MP from the Bloc Liberal Charter Almozani, Tuesday, that the presence of deputies bloc to unconditional interrogation sessions of Parliament or discuss important laws.
He Almozani in an interview with local media , and I followed the agency [Treasures Media, " The County deputies Liberal bloc of parliamentary sessions is a pressure on the government and the political blocs element to move reform , " stressing that " the county continuing until the consummation radical reform." He added, " The presence of a conditional interrogation sessions or the House of Representatives to discuss the law of laws that concern the citizen otherwise did not attend the House of Representatives to the sessions , " calling on parliament and the government to "end the ministerial cabin and the resolution of the administration by proxy." And the voice of the House of Representatives, on Monday, the five candidates who presented them , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi of ministerial cabins.