Jotun concludes its two-month promotional campaign, ‘A Winner Every Day’ with 65 lucky winners

Jotun selects ‘A Winner Every Day’ drive winners

JOTUN, the leading paint manufacturer in the Kingdom, celebrated the conclusion of its two-month promotional campaign, “A Winner Every Day,” with a draw that resulted in the awarding of some SR200,000 worth of prizes to loyal Jotashield, Fenomastic and Lady Design users.
The event that marked the close of the campaign took place at the company’s headquarters in Jeddah and the draws were conducted in the presence of representatives of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a large gathering of Jotun customers. A total of 65 people walked away winners, five of whom raked in SR20,000 each in furniture, while another 60 winners went home with new mobile phones and computer tablets.
Faisal Karim, Marketing Manager at Jotun Saudia, expressed the company’s satisfaction with the campaign’s success, saying, “Jotun has held a prominent position in the Saudi marketplace for quite some time because of the quality of our product and the wide choice of colors and finishes that exert a strong appeal on the customers. Jotun strives to strengthen the bond that exists between the company and our end-users, and this promotional campaign has been a great way by which to express our appreciation and to thank our consumers for their confidence in Jotun and its specially formulated interior and exterior paints.”
Jotashield is the company’s top exterior paint and offers not only inspirational color choices but a tough finish that guarantees long-lasting protection and pigment that does not fade. Fenomastic is Jotun’s most popular interior paints and offers sophisticated colors and finishes with stain-resistant and hygienic properties. Lady Design is an interior coating offering colors and finishes created by professional interior designers from around the world. Lady Design also offers unique combinations of color and texture that are currently trending strongly with Saudi customers.