Specialists call for reorganization of the Iraqi labor market away from the "seasonal"

08/17/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 61 - Issue (3717)

Baghdad / Acer Jabbar

She called specialists, on Tuesday, to reorganize the Iraqi labor market and create new opportunities "off-season" is consistent with the requirements of society, as an enemy to the expansion of vocational training and grants for the unemployed loans, entrepreneurs and rehabilitation of laboratories stalled and running "steps are necessary to curb rampant unemployment and revive National economy".

Said Abdul Ghani Isa, a prowling his cart wood-Rasheed Street in central Baghdad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The sale of juice Alascnajabil (made from vinegar, sugar and mint), during the summer, which runs about eight months season, is a lucrative business in the summer, especially that many people know me and Iqsdonna to drink to soften the hearts of prestige, "noting that" the financial benefits during the summer is very good and can not be compared to what I get the winter. "

He said Issa, that "my work during the winter turns to sell Allbulba (Chick Peas), the lack of demand for the juice, although the latter is a greater need for effort, create and cook and a gas requires action family collectively may take all night," pointing out that "Ward summer days may up to fifty thousand dinars, which the family needs and enough savings for the winter. "

In the same area there Mahal (Abu Karrar) for repair of electrical appliances, which they have done to change the classroom is not affected, according to the owner, always busy with dealing with various types of household appliances and equipment.

Said Abu Karrar, in an interview to the (long-Presse), he said that "every normal season and his livelihood. In summer we sell spare parts for coolers, fans and other household appliances as well as repair them," adding, "The Winter Venthol oil and gas and electric heaters."

Endorsed Abu Karrar, talk vendor juice Abdul Ghani Isa, on "abundance Ward summer compared to the winter," and attributing it to "a lot of electrical appliances malfunction in the summer as a result of frequent power cuts and erratic Frequency and can not dispense with citizens about them, unlike the winter, providing oil heaters alternative available to them about it, although that provision is, however, God in all circumstances. "

Apart from the professionals, specialists, in turn, confirms that the summer is the "base engine" of the economy and GDP, where growing tourism and construction, according to Ihsan al-Moussawi, the economic expert.

Moussawi said, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The summer help in the growth of the economy and control the gross domestic product and how to draw the financial policy," noting that "more than 38 percent of the workforce in Iraq linked to the separation of the summer, which provides a good comprehension of unemployment."

He pointed to the economist, that "the nature of the Iraqi labor is still subjective and disorganized so the action mostly confined to the summer without indifference Bandaj new ideas open them new areas and added resources, the winter despite the short term."

For her part, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, it seeks to help low-income people who rely on the summer to earn their livelihood, according to the Director General of the operation and loans where Riad Hassan.

Hassan said, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The ministry organizes many training sessions and workshops throughout the year," noting that "the ministry has focused during the past two years to organize courses and workshops for the unemployed to repair heaters, water heaters and cookers of various kinds as well as courses other repair various electrical appliances and cooling systems, in order to enable them to find work is seasonal jobs and ensure that confront destitution winter. "

He said Hassan, "The ministry has launched a package of soft loans without interest, to enable the unemployed from the opening through which projects proficient in their situation and contribute to strengthening the national economy."

Meanwhile, economists called for the need to expand loans for young people and owners of industrial and agricultural projects, and the reorganization of the labor market and the operation of laboratories stalled, to reduce the phenomenon of unemployment and revive the national economy.

A member of the Economic Reform Institute, Fuad Hamid, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Central Bank of Iraq fired about a trillion and 500 billion dinars for small and medium projects awarded through private banks, despite the lack of real signs of it," calling on the central bank, to "guide the private banks need to facilitate the procedures and to accelerate the granting of loans to reduce unemployment and revive the national economy."

Hamid stressed on the need to "re-regulate the labor market and create new opportunities, non-seasonal, consistent with the requirements of society and reduce the rampant unemployment in it," returned to "the rehabilitation and operation of laboratories stalled can be a step in this direction."