Ebadi, an adviser to: Override the economic crisis depends to invest properly for donor funds

- August 17 (August) in 2016 - the second year - No. 1081

~ BAGHDAD - My Day

Financial advisor to the Prime Minister called for the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, yesterday, on the government to invest donors' conference properly and protect investors to overcome the financial crisis, while the economic and investment commission pointed out in the House of Representatives to set up committees to give priority to the funds of donor countries to the provinces affected by the Daesh, student Central Bank of the government "to change priorities and retrenchment," stressing its ability to secure salaries Mozvin.oukal financial advisor to the Prime Minister and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh in a press statement that "the donors' conference and to bring companies to Iraq, is an important step and a great chance obliges involved in the government investing properly and the creation of appropriate and positive atmosphere and to protect investors from the corrupting pressures. "

For his part, said economic and investment commission Member of Parliament Yahya al-Issawi in a press statement that" the committees set up to assess the situation and give priority in the donor country funds to the provinces affected by the war against al (Daesh) in order to promote their betterment and service and to provide the basic needs of the displaced families, "asserting that" industrial and agricultural loans will be launched soon. "

In turn, director of financial operations at the Central Bank, Mahmoud Dagher said in a press statement that" resorting to foreign loans in light of the situation in Iraq and the current budget deficit has become something necessary, provided reconsider the higher spending level, "and urged the government" to change priorities and retrenchment to a level that makes the likelihood of debt to less as possible ", stressing Dagher, that" the Ministry of Finance is the main responsible directly for formulating monetary policy of the country, including secure the salaries of state employees, not the central bank, "he said, adding that" the government is capable of securing employees' salaries, but it is not possible to predict how long long the financial crisis imposes upon taking precautions. "