Russia: Iran and Iraq have agreed to cross the missiles to bomb Daash in Syria
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saw Vladimir Komoidov, chairman of the defense committee in the House of the Russian Parliament, and former commander of the Black Sea Fleet, that Iraq and Iran will provide air corridor to fly Russian winged missiles over their territory.
He Komoidov in an interview, Monday , "I think, this capability will be available for us."
He continued: " It has become a tradition to offer aid to these two countries, the two Ckranna on it, including through make them available the possibility of flight missiles, it 's a matter of coordinating."
He former Russian fleet commander in the Black Sea confidence that blows Russia against terrorists sites in Syria by "Caliber" winged missiles have a positive impact on the course of military operations in the country, he said: "the Caliber weapon accurate, these missiles choose their goals, they are able to the injury is more serious and more camouflaged, where it is necessary to strike a blow quality. "
he cited a Russian diplomat , a military source, earlier Monday that Russia has asked Iran and Iraq authorities allowed the flight of missiles winged Russia over its territory.
a source told" Interfax " the Russian defense Ministry "directed, last week, requests to both Iraq and Iran to use Majalehma air traffic controllers to fly winged rockets." It is
noteworthy that the Russian military fleet and directed, in 2015, strikes winged missiles of this type to the sites to organize Daash terrorist in Syria.