The new oil minister , starting their work , and emphasizes the need for the oil wealth and sustain development

2016-08-16 14:04:16 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Oil Ministry announced Tuesday for the new direct his work and its minister, while the minister stressed the need for oil wealth and sustain development.

He said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said that " the new oil minister Jabbar Allaibi began today, his work and held a meeting with deputy ministers and directors - general."

He added that "Allaibi stressed the need to work as a team in order to keep the oil wealth and development, as well as the perpetuation of national production and investment optimization of gas."

The new oil minister Jabbar Laibi received, on Monday (August 15, 2016) with the consent of the House of Representatives on his oil ministry, after the resignation of former oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.