Parliamentary Integrity reveal injunction against the son of al-Obeidi details

Tuesday 16 August 2016 | 19:22
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BAGHDAD / .. revealed the Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, on Tuesday, for the issuance of a court order against the son of the defense minister Khaled al-Obeidi, indicating that it frivolous lawsuit to the theme of "personal" and did not prove his involvement in any corruption.

He said the fact that for "eye Iraq News", that "people linked to officers at the Interior Ministry, presented a case to the courts suggest that the son of al-Obeidi was involved corruption of money and management," he said, adding that "after the investigation and legal proceedings was not clear feet in the lawsuit."

He said the Parliamentary Integrity Commission member, said "the issue of the arrest of the son of al-Obeidi, unrelated to political tension witnessed by the Iraqi parliament," explaining that "the media (tampered with) the subject, and did not ascertain the accuracy of information on the subject."

He pointed out that the MP, "the lawsuit frivolous and provided on the basis of personal problems."

The document issued by the Supreme Judicial Council, last Monday, reported the arrest of a son of Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi. And a number of officers. It ended 6