Cabinet discusses the budget in 2017 and form a committee to study a project to control Baghdad

: 2016/8/16 19:53


Cabinet discussed the 2017 budget, in the form of a commission to study the control system to Baghdad.

A statement by the Council of Ministers received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "Council of Ministers held its regular Tuesday headed by Haider al-Abadi, and in the beginning of the meeting, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi welcomed the new ministers who started their job functions today in the Council of Ministers after the parliamentary vote on them yesterday and carrying out their constitutional right. "

The Abadi said that "the government will back its project of reform in all sectors and that a large proportion of the government program has been implemented and we will go the rest of the program, which will be introduced by some of the development that is in harmony and Pencjm with the next stage and with what has been accomplished during the last two years," noting that "the challenges faced by the country many, especially in the financial side as a result of lower oil prices, but these challenges can be to turn it into the power of the state and reform its institutions and to stop the waste, which worked on during the past period and we managed it through the retrenchment of the protections and the purchase of furniture, fuel and other auto and which contributed to the provision of funds to the state budget in addition to the work to increase state revenues. "

The Council of Ministers discussed the budget for fiscal year 2017 after it was introduced by the Ministry of Finance where he was presented a report by the Ministry of Finance on the budget and will be completed discussed for presentation to the House of Representatives for a vote as soon as possible, "while the voice on the formation of a supreme committee includes representatives from a number of ministries and institutions and security agencies shall examine the draft integrated surveillance system for the city of Baghdad and to develop mechanisms, methods and ways of implementation required.

The Council voted on by the Ministry of Planning to include hospitals Capacity projects of 400 beds, which reached the percentage completed more than 85 percent within the strategic projects to ensure completion of deliverables under the bond and bind the Ministry of Health to complete these hospitals and took all the required measures, according to the previous Cabinet decisions relating to these projects, agree exemption previous trips to the aircraft leased by countries or humanitarian organizations and transported free Iraqis for the purpose of re-Iraqi refugees voluntarily pay system in the Iraqi civil airports No. [5] for the year 2008 regarding the landing and take-off and ground services based on the provisions of the law of financial management and public debt No. [95 ] for the year 2004.

The Council voted on by the Ministry of Health to announce the purchase of ambulances amount available at the ministry's 20 billion dinars from 2015 to coordinate the Ministry of Health with the Ministry of Finance in the disbursement of the amount on the budget in 2016 and then by conducting transfers required within the Ministry of Health's budget authorizes the Ministry of Health the authority determine the technical specifications and the number and types of cars, allocated a sum of money to the intelligence center system, the signal from the emergency reserve.

The Council agreed to address the service problems of the city of Essaouira through project financing streams Essaouira amounting to six billion dinars for the resumption of work and funding of the Ministry of Municipalities amounting to two billion dinars for the completion of municipal services in the district of Essaouira including in particular paving roads.