Parliamentary Integrity: UN investigators would review the impartiality of the files of corruption since 2003

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Revealed to the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, said the UN investigators that the Iraqi government signed on to involve them in investigating major corruption files in Iraq "would review the files of corruption since 2003, and neutrally away from any pressures

Said committee member Abdul Karim Abtan that international investigators have specialized experience in companies and has a criminal investigation into accounting UNDP UN specialist sustainable development and democratic governance, as well as in the prosecution of the corrupt and the transfer of expertise in this area

He pointed out that the UN program "has representatives in all countries of the world and there are 17 representatives in the Arab states, and we do not deny the existence of a large financial corruption in Iraq."

He explained Alabtan, "This agreement has three first important results of the fight against corruption and to identify senior Alvesadin and nominated to raise embarrassment for the judiciary or any regulator accused non-neutrality, these experts have nothing to hinder detects corruption may affect the parties."