Work intended to pay welfare every two months

2016/8/16 14:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs announced on Tuesday its intention to pay eligible social welfare every two months starting next September.

Ministry spokesman Ammar Menem for an agency {news Euphrates} day "working on social welfare stipend for the coming period, pointing out that" it happens if available funds from the Ministry of Finance has acted a monthly subsidy, July and August beginning next September, as well as for the month of September and October, beginning of November, and so for the coming months. "

"There are corresponding with the Ministry of finance in this regard to pay eligible timely care because the financial crisis clearly flinched from our payment and disbursement of funds to beneficiaries."
It is said that the Ministry of labour and Social Affairs, conduct quarterly care salaries, but at times may be delayed because of that country's financial crisis.

The Ministry said in a statement on Tuesday that "conditions of fiscal austerity and administrative instability clearly impacted on the overall activities of the Ministry and its departments thus on updating the plans and address constraints