Iraqi oil Minister to review the licenses and gas investment

August 16th, 2016

Baghdad/Iraq's new oil Minister SNG Jabbar to fault, Monday, its intention to review its oil licenses with international companies and increase oil production, stressing that it is in the process of recourse to the national effort and investment in gas, with Iraq's Energy Committee held a meeting to discuss plans for oil and gas production.

With the Iraqi Prime Minister's Office said Haider Abadi further austerity and reform plan to all Iraqi institutions, to ", the Ministerial Energy Commission held a meeting to discuss plans for oil and gas production, with new Iraqi oil Minister confirmed the existence of solutions to problems existing between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and its intention to review the licenses.

Abbadi's Office said in a statement that "the meeting discussed several decisions regarding energy in the country, including the operation and maintenance of a project raising export capacity of SOC and Arar needs of gas oil for generators and alhalvaih field development."

The statement said that "there was also discussion of water injection project in West Qurna field/1 and processing high pressure pylons and power station project alhaydariyah and the trend toward project completion.

The meeting was confirmed by the statement to "move forward through speedy implementation provide citizens with electricity continuously (24 hours processing) with the adoption of smart metrics collection, as in the successful adoption of Zayouna area experience in all areas of Iraq."

The Baghdad oil Abril differences

In his first remarks, the new oil Minister, the Ministry "flaw Jabbar will resort to national effort and investment in gas." it's my fault, "he said in regards to the controversy between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Federal Government on oil file there are several areas to solve it", adding that "there is no such thing as difficult and impossible."

My fault, said during a conference held in the House of representatives, in the presence of Parliament Basra, the oil Ministry received "something important", noting that "there are significant challenges to the oil sector who neglected to multiple classes.

"We have a review for licenses to take advantage of the potential of Iraq, and we have plans to increase the production and use of gas that burns, and there are many ways to improve the production and export of oil and cities building train oil.

The new oil Minister Jabbar for Federal Government fault will continue to combat the scourge of corruption even eliminated, and the oil Ministry is part of that power and work with all means to eradicate corruption which hampers production. He said: "we shall adopt transparency and clarity during our work in the Ministry of oil, and will follow all licenses and work to overcome all obstacles."

According to the preliminary estimates of the Ministry of oil that Iraq possesses an estimated reserve 132 trillion cubic feet of gas, and that about 70% of Iraqi gas is gas oil companion, almost 700 million cubic feet of it was burning and waste due to the lack of infrastructure to handle it. And Iraq in the eleventh place among the Nations of the world rich in natural gas, after all of Russia and Iran, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, America and Nigeria, Venezuela and Algeria.

Move the austerity plan

The Iraqi Prime Minister's Office said Haider Abbadi said the Government's reform programme adopted Abadi came to express faith in the importance of reform of the financial and administrative system of the State, with the Government's austerity plan announced move to rationalize public guidance policy, he stressed that the Government had adopted a strategy to combat corruption and judicial support, announced lower rates of corruption in State institutions.

He said Saad Al-Hadithi, spokesman for Prime Minister Haider Abadi, government reform programme adopted Abadi "came to express the firm conviction of the importance of financial and administrative system reform to the State and to lay the foundations for true to build State institutions and to meet challenges and achieve long term aspirations to establish rules for building a civil State embodies the hopes of the Iraqi people and bring Iraq into a better reality."

"The reform as a concept means progressive change to existing conditions and debugging beteen as an integrated path dependent relay stages and following the steps, this is what the Government has implemented since the announcement of the Government's reform programme."

Hadithi stressed the achievement of many of the terms of this program, which had constituted such public announcement. There was an explicit demands were to reduce differences in salaries between employees and senior officials and those with higher income redistribution among Iraqis is higher than justice. "This has been achieved through the development of a new payroll and reduce financial concessions in respect of salaries and allowances and other financial benefits."

As he drew that "direct Government austerity plan was aimed at reaching the optimal use of financial resources and employ them as appropriate and in accordance with good methodology and rationalize public spending policy and keep the public money and prevent the diversion of financial resources to corrupt output increase financial burdens on the Government and increase the budget deficit."

It was announced that the Iraqi Government had adopted reform policies adopted in the Government's reform program, pass a lot of odds and succeed in confronting many of the challenges imposed by the financial crisis caused by the dramatic decline in general resources to the State. "

It also confirmed its success in securing the required financial cover to provide salaries for about seven million citizens and more than four trillion a month, constantly. " He drew attention to the importance of the steps taken in the course of "Government and address the SAG in State institutions and restructure Ministerial cab through reducing the number of portfolios to cancel or integration of ministries; stating that it" contributed to reduce public spending and provide resources to state coffers and upgrade government performance and provide a better service to the citizen ".

"The independent bodies

"It is now for the circulation procedure" and downsizing of a number of bodies and divisions converged on overlapping competences and tasks and duties.

Regarding the fight against corruption and closing the crossings, said Al-Hadithi, the Government adopted a comprehensive strategy to combat corruption from activating the role of the regulatory institutions and overcome obstacles, and to support the judiciary and stressed the commitment of the Executive to support the investigative and judicial bodies on open corrupt files and detect corrupt and subject to the rule of law, this strategy has had an impact in reducing the prevalence of corruption and closing many crossings. "

He also stressed that it weakens the ability of corrupt manipulation of the State and enrichment capabilities at the expense of public money. "The Iraq war against corruption are fateful war how the enormous accumulation of corruption several years, strong corruption and rapacious bands load any attempt to fight corruption and address major corruption files opened spoilers makes this fight a long war, and need our continued efforts and prolonging, and Acceleration, and call for support of political events and social media, civil and requires patience to achieve victory."

He said the recent agreement with the United Nations development programme to strengthen the capacity of Iraqi institutions to address corruption and accelerate Government efforts to prevent corruption gangs continue to steal Iraqi profiteers, past that "this agreement is a clear message to indicate to the Iraqi people that the Government is implementing a programme to combat corruption."

As he is also a "letter to government corruption gangs lose every Iraqi and international energies to enforce its stem corruption."