The oil Minister for corrupt: I'm telling you

August 16th, 2016


The new oil ware directed Jabbar Ali Hussein of the fault, the Ministry Inspectorate Office and audit committees to open all contracts of the Ministry for the purpose of audit and verify their credibility, noting that there is a new plan to rise by oil wells in southern, Central and Northern refineries.

Ernie said in a press statement that "you must open the Ministry contracts contracts concluded in previous years for the purpose of investigation and ensure its credibility, pointing out that it was instructed to regulators at the Ministry to verify those contracts."

The House of representatives voted on Monday, naming five new Ministers of six foot Premier Haidar Abadi officially, I thought a slate of candidates from the Interior Ministers and industry label.

And pointed to my fault that he "plans to develop new oil wells working in refineries for upgrading Iraq's oil production and raise the reality during the next few months, noting that the plans include economic tracks Iraq's oil patch.

Crude oil prices fell last month with dent the bullish momentum that resulted from a meeting of the oil producers by continued fears of a glut in global markets before and after the profits prompt crude rise about three percent in the previous session.