Jubouri to eliminate Bidder: General Amnesty remedy to the situation worsened community. It is time to restore them [Extended]

2016/8/16 13:35

[Oan- Baghdad]

He visited Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, and a number of members of the parliamentary legal committee, on Tuesday morning, the Supreme Judicial Council to discuss the draft of the amnesty law.

A statement by the Office of the Chairman of the House of Representatives received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the al-Jubouri, "he met during his visit, President of the Federal Court of Cassation and the number of judges, where they discussed the perceptions that can be included in the draft general amnesty law."

Parliament Speaker emphasized during the meeting that "the general amnesty law is a remedy to the situation worsened and the community affected is the time to restore them."

He said al-Jubouri, "We understand that reform on the maintenance of human rights and the protection of human dignity, and in the framework of this offer of amnesty as one of the key reform steps."

The House of Representatives yesterday failed to pass a general amnesty bill for not agreed upon and the withdrawal of deputies of the National Alliance of the meeting to the presence of notes on it.

Parliament voted only on three articles of the law, the author of 13 articles.