Harith al-Dari, calling for a popular uprising in Iraq
Harith al-Dhari resides in Amman, Jordan since 2007

The Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq,Harith al-Dhari, said Thursday that Iraq is moving toward "the unknown is frightening" and urged the Iraqi people to do a peaceful popular revolution against the government headed by Nuri al-Maliki .He described the Prime Minister Balastbdada fierce and arrogant, accusing him of seeking to create a one-party state and a single person and doctrine of the one as in Iran, he said.

He said al-Dari, who lives in Amman, Jordan since 2007, that Iraq is doomed for two reasons foreign languages ​​are the United States and Iran, and warned of the consequences of the continued dominance of U.S. and Iran on the country.
Maliki also criticized the policies referring to the financial corruption and high unemployment among Iraqis and the low standard of living, and prison overcrowding, especially the Sunnis as well as arbitrary arrests, executions and displacement.
The opinion of the Secretary-General of the Association of Muslim Scholars, the solution lies in ending the political process and the formation of a transitional government is working on doing things a year or two and then oversee free and fair elections come Parliament and a national free emerge about a national government, and puts the Parliament a constitution agreed upon by all classes of people and its components.
Dari said that the current Constitution, the separation on the basis of sectarian quotas introduced the categories of people and most other, stressing that Iraq is not going to walk straight without equity groups that have been excluded.
Download the two departments and the Americas past and present responsibility of what is happening in Iraq, adding that the administration of President Barack Obama imposed Maliki Contrary to the rules of democracy that Iraqis are human beings, and supports the government with knowledge of its crimes, corruption, and lack of respect for human rights, as he put it.