The success of the production process is linked to the consumer's wishes

8/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Hussein Tgb

Demand in the domestic market represents a foundation for the process of industrial development and advancement of direction that achieves significant economic feasibility of the country and the multiplicity of financial resources, where the need for industrial development leading to the stand at this juncture Important.

Louay Qais Abdullah interested in affairs of economic , said: The knowledge of the desires and needs of the consumer leading to the orientation towards the production of material specific qualitatively and displayed in markets local.

He said in an interview with «morning» lies the secret of the marketing process for any product success is largely to pay attention to the needs of the consumer and desires If Almntmh or the company did not succeed in meeting these needs and desires , they inevitably fail, this was the cause of many of the products and services failed when it was put on the market because they did not observe the requirements of consumers and their needs.

He noted that it became necessary to stand at the behavior of consumers , which helps the product knowledge and explore their needs and desires and therefore works on the design of products and services ensures their acceptance, indicating that this is leading to a demand for the purchase of such products or services and increasing sales and eventually make a profit, and it makes the head of a local money cycle, and this is what ensures them survive and thrive.

The larger the organization on an ongoing knowledge and understanding of the needs of consumers were able to approach them for their service and to satisfy their desires.

He pointed out that consumer behavior paves the way for knowledge and discovery marketing opportunities in light of the intensification of strong competition between domestic and foreign various companies can take advantage of the marketing opportunities that exist or available to them in the market and conditioning with the needs and desires of consumers , and this is done through marketing research that is working to provide products or uses of new.

He said the market is divided aims to hashed convergent and similar groups of consumers and the organization can choose one or more groups to be targeted a market and an organization must be pursued consistently targeted markets and studied and analyzed to identify the changes in the needs and desires of consumers and note any differences in their behavior SPV.