Basra looking at the implementation of investment projects with Kuwait

8/16/2016 0:00

Morning - Agencies
Basra's governor revealed Majed Nasraoui, the agreement with Kuwait to hold a conference to discuss investment opportunities inAlkwyt.oukal Nasraoa- which concludes visit to Kuwait on Tuesday initiated Sunday in a press statement :

"Permit Iraqi businessmen in the delegation accompanying him agreed with some of their Kuwaiti counterparts at a conference in Kuwait to present investment opportunities in the province of Basra to the local government in Basra creating opportunities and open investment horizons to enter the Kuwaiti companies to the province. "

He added that he" put up during his meetings with the Kuwaiti political leadership the possibility of facilitating the entry of traders and Iraqi businessmen to Kuwait to the difficulty of the procedure for obtaining a visa and stay in the current period , "noting that" the Kuwaiti side expressed its readiness to facilitate All procedures, especially that there is an old historical relationship between the traders and businessmen Iraqis and their Kuwaiti counterparts.

He said Nasraoui he "met together with the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of Basra, his deputy and a number of officials , businessmen in the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Kuwait , " to draft a work to facilitate the exchange of experiences and business between the two sides . "

He pointed to the presence of more than a Kuwaiti company operating in the province of Basra in the areas of gas and cleaning, expressing the hope that there will be other opportunities for investment.

He pointed out the governor of Basra to meet the Director of the Iraqi ports member of the visiting delegation to Kuwait with his counterpart in Kuwait ports Authority to discuss integration in this sector between the two sides and to achieve the goal of the visit and all that would strengthen the relationship between the two sides.

In terms of projects Kuwait in Basra Nasraoui reported that Kuwait surgical Hospital project , which donated instituting the Kuwaiti government on the verge of completion, adding that the hospital consists of seven floors and a capacity of 250 beds it contains ten lobbies for operations.

In response to a question whether Iraq has a plan to develop land border crossing between the two countries pointed out the governor of Basra that the development project put on the infrastructure level and referred to the work by the company in the near future , "but the financial problem through which Iraq postponed implemented because there are priorities other. "