Barham Salih: important to consult with the secession of the province of Baghdad and near the establishment of an oil line with Iran

2016/8/15 22:34

[Oan- follow-up]

Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), said Barham Saleh, that "it is necessary to research on the subject of self-determination of the Kurdistan region in coordination and consultation with the central government in Baghdad."

He revealed Saleh, who visited Iran this week in an interview with Iran's Mehr news about "the establishment of an oil pipeline in the vicinity of Iran's border in the region soon."

And on the nature of relations between Iran and the Kurdistan region, said that "relations between the Iranian side and the Kurdish side and moving steadily in various fields," referring to the "cultural, religious and geographical commonalities that combines the two parties."

He noted that "Iran was a bunker and safe for the Kurds of Iraq in all the crises they went through," praising the "cooperation and support provided and continues to lead Iran to force the Kurdish Peshmerga in the face of the former Saddam regime and organizing Daash terrorist at the moment."

And Saleh stressed "the importance of hard work for the expansion of cooperation between Iran and the Kurdistan region," adding that "the economic and investment projects and trade exchanges support is essential."

He also stressed the importance of the coordination with Iran in political and security issues in Iraq and in the world in general.

And about his position on the participation of the popular crowd at the Battle of the upcoming Mosul, he said the leader of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the "popular crowd is an Iraqi military institution has a role in the events in Iraq, as it was formed in a very sensitive timing of which came in response to a fatwa religious authority in Iraq to counter terrorism and the terrorists. "