Nasraoui calls on Kuwaiti business sector to invest in Basra

2016/8/15 18:19


He called on the governor of the city of Basra Majed Nasraoui Monday the Kuwaiti business sector to invest in Basra and take advantage of the investment opportunities available in being "the economic capital of Iraq's only sea and the bomber."

The governor of Basra, in a speech at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait during a meeting with representatives of the Kuwaiti business sector and investors Kuwaitis that "the economic relations between the two countries continues to progress, stressing the permanent quest for the two sides to reach those relations to the level of ambition."

Among Nasraoui that "there is a free economic zone in the city of Safwan] will be announced soon," he said, adding it was "aimed at Kuwaiti companies from all sectors to invest in them, especially the logistics sector companies."

He added that the region possesses multiple investment features due to its proximity to Kuwait, in addition to being one of the most stable political and security areas in Iraq, "he said, adding," it was the development of new mechanisms to attract foreign investment to the city. "

He called Nasraoui Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and entrepreneurs to visit Basra to identify investment opportunities and meet the owners of the business of Iraqis, "impressively to the existence of a proposal to establish an Iraqi investment conference in Kuwait to showcase Alasttmarah opportunities in Basra and discuss ways to establish a Kuwaiti investments there."

For his part, member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait Abdullah Al-Humaidhi in a similar speech that "the history of trade relations between Kuwait and Basra, specifically due to the beginning of the last century, along with her wealth of social and cultural specificity due to the close proximity between the two countries", he underlined the keenness of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kuwait to strengthen the joint economic relations, pointing to the importance of official and business visits and the impact of the activation of trade and investment cooperation between the two countries. "

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui began his accompanying delegation official visit to Kuwait on Sunday, where he was received by the Emir of Kuwait and the Prime Minister and the Minister of Amiri Diwan Affairs in the state and continue to visit Tuesday.

** An extender of an ongoing visit by Basra Reps **