Internal Inspector: setting two trucks loaded with various goods in Tehran have paid

2016-08-15 at 13:24

Baghdad scales news

Interior Department Inspector General's Office announced Monday, seized two trucks loaded with various goods Tehran argues.

The Office said in a statement/balance of news copy, "detachment and Inspectorate Inspectorate Baghdad patrols seized two trucks (refrigerators) loaded with foreign substances (alcohol, Mexican weskaaer, global brand sunglasses, tomato paste, Lipton tea, medicines, and ships, and soda).

He added that "every truck hits her truck 18 tons entered Baghdad through people's control, as staff did not mark the control truck load subjected people to test their owners have not levied in Tehran, as well as associate staff in control of cargo inspection agreement with customs officials.

He continued, ' detachment officer seized the cargo it 10 time enters the owners of these trucks in the same way from this control without looking for or levy of customs duties.

And, that "the Inspectorate detachment and deliver materials inventory record set my assets to a police station where trucks drivers briefings blogger pool to investigate them, to expose those involved in the theft of public money and squandering its wealth and threaten the security of Baghdad