Narrator: the new Habbaniya will provide thousands of condominiums and investment opportunities

2016-08-15 at 10:30

Baghdad scales news

Governor of Anbar said suhaib Narrator, the new Habbaniya, represent a paradigm shift will provide thousands of residential units and jobs and products.

The narrator said in a statement/balance of news copy, "the city will have a significant impact on restoring stability to maintain short and long term," he said, adding that "the large number of investment opportunities that would maintain local investor in small and medium-sized enterprises".

He added that "the five stages of work will work and training centres would be allocated for rehabilitation of labor to receive new posts in Habbaniya in various disciplines and sectors", stating that "the city will include a variety of residential unit 17, 000 will be provided progressively under the five phases of work-ready format with all utilities.

The Governor said that "industrial city will contain more than 15 factory will build investment way," pointing to the "saved over ten thousand jobs in the first year.

He stressed that "the city will provide their service for local, regional and global markets, especially construction materials investor so the raw materials available in Anbar."

Referred to the Al Anbar Sahib holdover Narrator being a working visit to the United States, in coordination with the Central Government, at the invitation of the coalition of international companies from the United States and Korea, to create a modern city over investing in alhabnet area