The new oil Minister: no difficulty to find solutions between Baghdad and Erbil

2016/8/15 13:20

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} new oil Minister said Jabbar to fault, which won House approval Monday for the post of the Ministry, "no difficulty of finding solutions between Baghdad and Arbil," about the agreement on oil.

My fault, said at a press conference held at the State House, your correspondent {Euphrates news}, that "the oil sector has neglected over the years and we have plans about oil production and licenses, as we have plans to invest," gas "entry in the gas industry and petroleum products.

"We have a lot of plans to upgrade its oil resources", pointing out that the Ministry's priority is to provide fuel for electricity.

And for my fault we're dealing with the territory as part of Iraq, and there is no difficulty to find solutions between Baghdad and Erbil. "

And Congress voted during the meeting to approve the reshuffle not ministries and submitted by Prime Minister Haider Abadi except Commerce Department that have been rejected over its candidate