Allawi's coalition feared "the emergence of" surprises hamper pass the Justice and Accountability

.aarb National coalition led by Iyad Allawi, on Monday, of " the emergence of " surprises during the vote on the Justice and Accountability Act passed hamper, while noting the existence of prior agreements to pass the Baath Party and the Justice and Accountability Act ban.
The MP for the beautiful Obeidi, said the "coalition of the political blocs agreed earlier on the separation of accountability and justice law and the prohibition of the Baath Party into two separate laws that vote will be the first law banning the Baath and this is what actually happened."
He said al - Obeidi, said that "there are concerns by some lawmakers Union of Forces surprises or slough off before the rest of the blocks anyway to put the draft accountability and justice to vote," warning that " the emergence of a new political crisis may affect the vote on important legislation awaits the Iraqi people 's projects."