The arrival of dozens of American soldiers to the south of Mosul, Qayyarah base

A source in the Nineveh operations command, on Monday, that dozens of American soldiers arrived in the southern city of Mosul , Qayyarah base.
The source said, " The more than 50 US armored wheel carrying dozens of American soldiers arrived this morning, to the south of Mosul , Qayyarah base, including engineering equipment for the rehabilitation of runways Qaeda."
The source added that "American soldiers taken from some buildings , isolated from the Iraqi units inside the base headquarters them , " The source did not disclose further details.
And met with the US major criticism because of its support for terrorist groups in Syria, and the lack of seriousness in the fight against terrorism in Iraq, after being soft pounding "Daash" criminal and Artale despite enabling them to it and see the Air Force so - called international coalition movements Daash public in Mosul and Anbar without shelling