Calls for parliamentary control of private banks to stop financing "Daash"

.dat Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations, on Monday, the Iraqi government to monitor the performance of some private banks and auditing transfers to and from outside the country, noting that some of these banks are working on the receipt of remittances some may go to finance "Daash."
Said committee member Mithal al - Alusi, said that "the Ministry of Finance and the security services regulators responsible for the flow of money to private banks that link each to finance" Daash "criminal and other terrorist groups in Iraq control."
He added that " the money that moved from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar can not enter the border without the help of those banks, and the government has to act and to stop financing Daash sources as quickly strengthened , and without any further delay , " he said , adding that "those banks also accused significantly in the smuggling of money politicians corrupt to Jordan and the United Arab Emirates and other countries under the pretext of currency remittances. "
The religious authority in Najaf has called on the government, led by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to open all files of corruption and to bring the perpetrators of corruption to justice, at a time when the COI began to open many files and issued the elimination of arrest warrants against several officials in the previous and current governments orders, including ministers .