Allawi: I have not left the Maliki, only three options .. The law reduces his
Posted 19/04/2012 08:07 AM
Babinaoz (Reuters) - revealed the Iraqi leader Iyad Allawi yesterday about the presence of old alliances and new with the Kurds and the Sadr movement and some of the Islamic parties to counter the "uniqueness of al-Maliki in power," and stressed that the Prime Minister no longer has only three options, either to achieve the partnership through the implementation of the Convention Erbil or elections early or step down, pointing out that Iraq is ready to turn to the opposition.
In response to comments by Allawi, said a representative for the rule of law that Allawi is unable to withdraw confidence from the Maliki if his ability to do it without the need for so many statements, and the possibility of an alliance Sadrists with Iraq, denied the deputy of the Liberal bloc intention coalition to withdraw confidence from the Maliki, Allawi added that "there is the case of the diagnosis and now everyone has one, the uniqueness of governance that will lead to a dictatorship, as well as the constitutional violations of human rights by the regime and the horrible deterioration in the political process."
Allawi said that "Maliki has three options which is to achieve a partnership or an early election or to replace the Prime Minister and present the latest by the National Alliance," noting at the same time that "al-Maliki is not serious in the National Conference and failed to implement the Convention on Arbil, which was signed by with me and Massoud Barzani, the presence of U.S. ambassador. " Allawi stressed that "the Iraqi List, is ready to shift to the opposition because of the lack of true democracy in the country." MP Ehsan Al-Awadi in a telephone conversation with the range yesterday, stressed that the problems of Iraq is now limited to the subject of leadership, and we have a problem years ago with Iyad Allawi, who does not see Iraq, but under his leadership, and this itself is a very big problem contributed to disable a lot of steps Government was supposed to be and that the government is moving toward partnership and the aspirations of the Iraqi people aspire to him, but this node of leadership that we have in Iraq can not be disposed of only after years.

As for the possibility Allawi to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki said al-Awadi, "said Allawi was unable to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, though he was able to to do it without the need for so many statements, it also lacks the ability to coalition can not present himself as an ally convinced by the rest of the blocks, Add to that the current situation is not suitable for redrawing the political map for several reasons including the issue of the Kurdistan Alliance, where that Allawi is unable to satisfy the Kurds and he can not show them concessions rather than giving al-Maliki. the other hand, said a representative for the Liberal bloc said his bloc is committed to Prime Minister Nuri al- Maliki does not intend to withdraw confidence from the government. denied the Attorney Odai Awad "Radio Sawa" Ohiat news about the determination of mass withdrawal of confidence with him.