Governor of Basra: the Emir of Kuwait financial grant to the province to build establishments

2016/8/15 0:54

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Basra Governor Dr Majid Nasraoui, Sunday, providing Kuwait Emir Sabah a financial grant to the province to build some service institutions including hospitals, pointing to Prince-inspired alto'amh procedures and cooperate with the capital of Kuwait and Basra.

Transfer statement got {Euphrates news} to copy from hard times as saying that Basra will lay the foundations for this alto'amh inter service cooperation.

The Emir of Kuwait said in providing the facilities for businessmen and merchants in Basra, referring to an investment conference for Basra in Kuwait at the end of the year, to open up prospects for cooperation and offer investment opportunities, in addition to common cultural festivals and conferences.

Governor of Basra, said that his visit to the State of Kuwait included meeting Prime Minister, Minister for State for Amiri Diwan Affairs, the Governor of the capital, stressing the importance and usefulness of the visit was to her benefit.

The statement quoted Governor of Kuwait City fixed Muhanna as saying that "the Prince of Kuwait pays towards the end of the past and the present stage entry Guide and sincere love and set up any project in Basra offers them as if we were creating a space of land for the project," stressing "the importance of the relationship between Kuwait and Basra that concentrated social ties and trade and other fields.

The Emir said Kuwait "underlines the importance of the project and transform Basra into economic capital", stating that "twinning will take en route to completion after meetings and complete correspondence between the relevant authorities in that regard," he said, adding that "to facilitate the entry and movement of traders and thus overcome most of the problems that were reported in the past.

He pointed out that "Amiri Diwan Minister Nasser Al-Sabah has sufficient knowledge in the economic field and future projects which would facilitate the alto'amh command which will darken positively even on future generations."

Governor of Basra was directed Saturday heading a delegation from the province to the State of Kuwait to meet with Kuwaiti officials, and screw for views and strengthen cooperation between Basra, in the local government investment framework for regional relations in moving the wheel of economy.