Lawmakers: bring in international investigators will contribute to the success of reforms

8/15/2016 0:00

Baghdad Muhannad Abdul Wahab

Counting the members of the House of Representatives to involve international investigators to investigate issues of corruption as a factor that will contribute to the success of the reform plan developed by the head of the executive, pointing out that the UNDP will work, according to the terms of the agreement, the recruitment of international investigators to help train Iraqi investigators and provide advise them.

A spokesman for the Information Office of the Prime Minister, Saad al-Hadithi, stressed that the use of Iraq investigators international corruption files, is aimed at ensuring the impartiality of investigations and get rid of the pressure that might be exerted on the investigator Alaraca.ookd newborn «signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with investigators international» pointing out that « this note is part of the reform system and is not an abdication of the responsibilities of government.

Parliamentary Integrity Committee member Mohammed fact, he said that the introduction of international investigators will enhance the government's capacity to investigate corruption cases and prosecute and put an end to impunity and will benefit the government reforms.

He emphasized the fact that, in an interview with «morning», that «the use of experts and international investigators in private to retrieve Iraqi funds smuggled and involve investigations of the United Nations came to ensure impartial investigations and to bring those involved to eliminate whatever their positions», indicating that «the priority of the work of international investigators work to restore Iraqi funds smuggled abroad and participating developing new plans for the work force globally banks to prevent the smuggling operations again ».

He pointed to the fact that «work within the government reform plan in the investigation of cases and recover the money smuggled Saattiyan a real fight against corruption in Iraq and eradicate it from its roots in the hope», returned «bring in international investigators that will help the Iraqi investigators and increases their experience».

While confirmed the legal committee member Ibtisam al-Hilali need for Iraq to international assistance to ensure the success of the reform plan of the government, indicating that corruption body of government institutions and led to smuggling money abroad necrosis.

She said Hilali, in an interview with «morning»: The «bringing in international Iraq investigators would be a good opportunity to benefit from their expertise in this area and will help the Iraqi investigators added an important experience for them», calling to «make the most of those investigators to retrieve money smuggled».

Hilali They pointed out that «the government will contract within the reform plan with investigators and have good experience in this field, and states have a long expertise», noting that «recruited Iraq would not cost huge amounts of money through the agreement with the United Nations and investigators».

While pointing out the legal committee member Salim Chawki that the aim of bringing in international investigators follow the money smuggled abroad on the grounds that the issue of the money to track where the great difficulty because many funds smuggled the gimmick and the names are not true, noting that Iraq's experience in this area may be a few due to lack of experience. He explained Shawki, in an interview with «morning», said the contract with the investigators as companies relied upon in retrieving the money smuggled abroad either individuals it is possible to provide consulting on the level of local corruption in state institutions », warning that« the negatives in the recruitment of experts may be money requested by the companies, according to some sources, they will have a percentage of the recovery of the money smuggled out a proportion that may be a bit high, either in relation to the agreement with the files inside these companies will work in an advisory capacity to assist Iraqi investigators. »

He added that corruption is that easy money smuggled abroad and that the amounts smuggled out large and in intervals accumulated since the former regime to the present day », pointing out that« the supervisory role is not enabled properly, which led to easy to smuggle the money at the same time easily incorporated to banking systems that do not impose strict conditions and need to just figure without a name, one of the biggest problems we face ».