The launch of the private sector dues today

8/15/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb

Discuss and representatives of relevant ministries and the central bank private sector launch of the private sector dues through government bonds, which will be spent for the first meal of them on Monday mechanisms include 100 support that continues meals by 40 percent of the project value.

A specialist in economic affairs Adham Alphenhar during an economic workshop dealt with the payment of the private sector dues mechanisms: the rights of contractors should be covered in full to be moving the labor market in Iraq, pointing out that the delay led to a great loss to the country in money and human competencies acquired considerable experience over the past years It was prepared in the various countries of the world.

Packed successive

The d. Mahmoud Mohammed, Director General of the CBI said that the issuance of the special entitlements private sector, government bonds gives the meal first ones today to executing companies where the disposal of bonds to each ministry projects on a regular basis, pointing out that the first meal includes (100) support and there are meals continuous declare during the central bank's website. But Kazim al-Hassani adviser to Prime Minister has pointed out in his speech that the disbursement of 40 percent of the value of projects linked to the general federal budget and it identified five trillion of the bonds were calculated benefits and allocated 50 percent of contractors and 50 percent for farmers, noting that the allocation of 10 percent of the 50 percent to complete the projects implemented by 90 percent, or service projects as projects of hospitals and sewage. He noted that 60 percent of private-sector entitlements will be discussed in the budget for next year.

Accelerate development

Hassani said that the success of the private sector means that the success of the government, and it must enable it and make it able to manage various economic activities, stressing determine the true representatives of this important sector and that there is a consensus on these, noting that the prime minister stresses partnership in all economic commissions to be everyone present the results of the exit accelerate the process of economic development.

Unannounced visits

Hassani pointed out that the difference Mokhtssh will organize unannounced visits to projects randomly then be included in the lists of outstanding corporate bonds to see the reality of these projects and the percentage of completion
And the extent of its importance.

While spiritual Araji: said any amount you get companies contribute to moving the labor market, noting that 40 percent of the value of the project will be used in projects and this leads to the creation of jobs and move to the capital cycle and raise demand in the markets, pointing to the need to get entrepreneurs full entitlements to restore life to the balance of sharing different economic activities.

He d. Fadel Abdul Shahid Masoudi prime contractors Babylon Union to clarify the importance of visions and stand at the real problems that bedevil Business, stressing that the official and the private sector with a presence on the table contributes to bypass a lot of work selectors.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Construction and Housing, municipalities, said on entitlements companies: the problems of public companies more complicated than private sector companies problems, because they are burdened with the salaries and obligations with sub-contractors, who are from the private sector. As Abdullah al-Jubouri concerned about the construction and reconstruction has pointed to the importance of the advancement of project management and the selection of qualified and rehabilitation, pointing to the need to have a great cooperation between the ministries and the private sector, calling for select projects that must possess the elements of coverage and payment bonds.