Baghdad Economic Forum calls for the activation of the CBI initiative dealing diversifying projects

Views 79 Date 08/14/2016 - 21:49

Economy News / special ...

Baghdad called by the World Economic Forum, Dr. Ikram, on Sunday, to activate the CBI initiative concerned with diversifying agricultural, industrial and residential projects.

He said Ikram told the "Economy News" that he must activate the central bank initiative, which means the diversification of agricultural, industrial and residential projects by giving investors loans to increase given credit for citizens proportion as the credit granted to the proportion of the day for the local Nataatj up by (5 7%) and Heya for a small percentage of other countries, where up to 50%.

She added that today the beneficiaries of credit of up to investors (11%) only.

She noted that Iraq today is suffering from the phenomena become ingrained, a hoarding of cash assets in his own house for fear of any emergency, as well as a lack of confidence in banks which have been stalled in meeting the needs of depositors, indicating that lack of awareness in dealing with the banks need to expand the financial scale and the delivery of services to citizens for the purpose of attracting heads Todifaa and money in order to serve the country.

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