The balance of news be known as homeless names of candidates for ministries in the reshuffle expected
at 00:19 Baghdad scales news
I knew/balance of news that initially agreed on the names of candidates for ministries in the reshuffle to be put soon by Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

According to sources close to the search table, select Kassim Al-araji was "Ministry of Internal Affairs and the oil Ministry flaw Jabbar

And Kazem TSA Cup. "

As you choose Dr Razak Alissa Ministry of higher education while you choose Dr Bharat to occupy the Ministry of water resources

Ahmed was chosen as Commerce Department OMID would carry bag Ministry of industry Dr Yusuf al-Asadi.

Chosen engineer that Nasser served as Minister of construction and housing and municipalities.

He was leader of the Islamic Dawa party lawmaker on selecting this week said relations date to announce the new ministerial lineup.

Alak said in a press statement today that "the proposed reshuffle list, to be announced next week," Chief Minister Haider Abadi to protect reveals corrupt files.

"The Prime Minister is in the process of finalizing the new ministerial lineup, and this week will announce a cabinet reshuffle, adding that" members of Parliament will stand against any member upon corrupted files in the Iraqi Parliament. "