In the absence of financial policy acknowledges relations and accuse the institutions of the political interests of bottlenecks.



Central Bank Governor admitted to the relationship, Sunday, "the absence of fiscal policy in Iraq, it's run on everyday problems and social pressures and not drawn for the future", with "institutions accused of political interests impeding the country's monetary policy", described the Iraqi budget b "underdeveloped".

He said the relationship in a speech during a seminar held in the premises of the Bank (the Central Bank of Iraq means economic reform in the short and medium term) and "economy" attended "the process of economic reform in Iraq are still at the beginning of the first stages where you observe that there are institutions adopt and establish political interests and note they don't check the platform drew him much, but relieved her facing economic reform and impediment to fiscal and monetary policy in Iraq."

He added that relations "Iraq needs substantial reform of fiscal policy and financial management, the best evidence there is an almost complete absence of fiscal policy where they run on everyday problems and bases and foundations for the individual and society and foundations and social pressure and do not draw future fiscal policy."

The Central Bank Governor noted that "the Iraqi budget welatrtbet financial programs and underdeveloped Browning resources where they affect financial stability", adding "we are facing a big financial crisis responsibility where we still rely by 95 percent on oil revenues and 5% of local revenues, so you should think about making plans to cope with this crisis."