Three accompanying gas projects Maysan oil fields

2016/8/14 14:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} oil Ministry announced Sunday, three projects for investment of associated gas in Missan Oil fields.

The Ministry said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "after the oil Ministry's success in increasing crude oil production, which has taken a toll on Iraqi exports, the Ministry focuses its attention to the optimization of associated gas for extractions of oil fields where oil Ministry opened the senior agent Fayad in good grace, Sunday three projects contribute to reduce burning processes associated gas fields in {albzerkan wabogharb and change} in Maysan oil company oil fields."

The agent confirmed that "these projects is the real beginning of the accompanying gas at Misan province and the significance of these projects opened today, providing new quantities of gas to supplement electric power plants as well as to reduce environmental pollution", stating that "the Ministry started today with my field {albzerkan and change} later will include all petroleum fields in the province which is one of the most promising provinces in producing gas."

Said General Manager Adnan Missan Nushi "opened the gas sweetening project 35 mmscfd card in albazerkan field and gas processing project product to Abu West and fields change limits of 70 mmscfd along with accompanying water treatment project for oil operations in the albazerkan field.

"As the opening was created by a company's administrative building {sinok} repackaging it staff run Maysan fields, which includes more than 400 staff work Office organisation project, which opened will reduce gas burning processes associated with oil production operations and which therefore will address environmental bottlenecks in areas of oil fields."

He noted that "these projects is the first step to reduce flaring associated gas through his investment company is working on similar projects in the field of alhalvaih, which would provide additional quantities of gas production could reach 250 million standard cubic feet.

Meanwhile, Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said "the Ministry completed development projects important to invest the associated gas fields in Bazargan and change and Missan Oil Abu West."

"The projects comes within the Ministry and plan to increase gas production through development and rehabilitation of crude oil production plants that contribute to reduce wasteful gas flaring associated with", noting that "these projects will provide fuel gas in the amount of 10 million standard cubic feet a day of gas generating unit operating in the field, was a 60 card MW to supplement national grid electricity", stating that "this amount a candidate for other units with the same energy".