Electricity: the completion of two lines of energy in Basra

2016/8/14 12:06

[Where - Baghdad]

Accomplished Directorate south lines of energy distribution in the province of Basra.

A statement by the Ministry of Electricity received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "engineering and technical staff in the south of Basra networks, one of the formations the Directorate-General for the transfer of power in the south, has completed repair work and treatment of the pieces on the line of Umm Qasr - a barge which caused loss of processed barge energy, as well as the Angels went maintenance work immediately after the technical viewer and the disruption of one Alvezat between the two towers 1 and 2 near the station or the new palace have been repaired and re-cutting the line to work. "

The statement pointed to "the completion of maintenance work to address the pieces on the line [Naguibah - north of Basra] number one in the Karma area and re-line of business after that I went to the job site to address the pieces on the line [Naguibah - north of Basra be annexed to it has been working to replace insulators affected the linear Naguibah north of Basra No. 1 and 2 ".

He added that "this section of the lines are exposed to cutting continuously despite the ongoing maintenance work because of an injury wire Bayarat firearms as a result of tribal conflicts taking place in Karma area which cause some Tpttat in the wire which weakens the durability energy wire transfer loads leading to the interruption of the period and the other .